Exploring Online Journalism

I recently became one of ten journalists selected to participate in an online journalism course organized by Radio Netherlands Training Center RNTC.The course runs online and will last for six weeks.

I have participated in a number of online courses, but this one with RNTC comes unique. It is thorough with loads of course work. We have a manageable class of ten, which means the instructor would find it easier to give feedback to every participating student. And the course dwells on my area of strong interest – online journalism.

We have had our first virtual class, with the instructor taking us on search, research and online sources.

The online platform serves as a medium to spread and consume all kinds of information. As a journalist this presents, not only an opportunity, but also challenge.  The opportunity lies in the potential to find or expand the audience for your work and publish content at a cheap or almost zero cost. And the challenge remains in the need to stand out as a credible and trusted source for news and content. Here, knowledge is power.

In this Online Journalism course, RNTC provides not only the knowledge, but also practical skills. Therefore, I will be posting materials based on knowledge and skills gained from the course.

This brings me to the three main distinguishing features of online journalism:  lack of a deadline, the use of multimedia, and the interaction with the audience. Focus will be on the latter two as the course progresses. I invite you to follow me.

Many thanks.


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