From my browser: Screenshot of my HTML file

Screen shot of my web page coded in HTML

Screen shot of my web page coded in HTML

In my last post, I produced screenshots of the source codes for some selected websites as part of my Online Journalism course with RNTC. Today, I am posting a screenshot of a web page coded all by myself.

So that goes the screenshot of my newly created html file after I opened it in a browser. The headlines and paragraph came quite easy. I however encountered some challenges.

Problems I encountered while coding my HTML

The picture and division file below it posed some challenges. They never appeared after I tried viewing the web page initially.

I had to look at all the tiny details within my tags. In some instances, I discovered I either failed to collapse a space or left open that which I ought to close up.

For my picture, the source file from Wikipedia failed to load. But I later observed the url for the picture was wrong. I eventually fetched the url linking directly to the pix. And it worked.

Lesson: Coding for the web forces you to be meticulous, an attribute I believe every journalist must possess.


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