3 examples of journalistic weblogs I find appealing

As part of my online journalism course with RNTC, I  am sharing three examples of good journalistic weblogs following some search on the internet. This blog post chronicles what I found and what I like about them. Here goes:

1. Stevebuttery.wordpress.com. Until recently, Steve Buttry was the digital transformation editor at Digital First Media in the U.S.

I am a fan of Steve’s blog because of the conversational style with which he shares tips on digital journalism and other personal stuffs relating to his work as an editor and media trainer. He is also consistent with his posts. If you’re passionate about journalism and the new media, you will find Steve’s blog very refreshing.

Similar blogs I find interesting include: Mulinblog and ProfKRG, run by journalism educators with interests in digital media.

2. Photography is Not a Crime, also known as PINAC, was founded in 2007 following the arrest of its creator, Carlos Miller, a multimedia journalist. Carlos was arrested for taking photos of five Miami police officers while working on an article for a local news site. His weblog focuses on the rights of photographers and the First Amendment rights of the public.

I like the blog for its consistency and supportive readership community. “PINAC is mostly funded by its readers who contribute what they can to help pay for bandwidth costs, technical support, design adjustments and the countless hours I spend in front of the computer keeping it updated,” says Carlos.

3. Nakedchiefs.com. Described as “A (sometimes) irreverent take on all things African – and non-Africa,” this weblog is run by Charles Onyango-Obbo, Executive Editor Africa & Digital Media, Nation Media Group, Nairobi.

I like the blog for its commentary on current affairs and insights on African issues. One of my favorite commentaries from him will be a piece he wrote on building a commercially successful pan-African news portal.


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